Luxurious Mongolian Journeys

Saranzaya Baatar

Saranzaya Baatar

President and Co-Founder

Saranzaya founded Blue Silk Travel to contribute to Mongolia's economic development while promoting women's empowerment and traditional culture. Saranzaya has devoted her life to building economic and cultural bridges between her two homes: her native Mongolia and the United States, as well as with the rest of the world.

A leading expert on the U.S.-Mongolia relationship, Saranzaya has served Mongolia as a lecturer at the National University of Mongolia (NUM) and a special contributor to the City of Ulaanbaatar’s international projects. She is a frequent guest on Mongolian TV discussing tourism and American culture. Saranzaya holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from NUM and is fluent in Mongolian, Russian and English.

Saranzaya is an avid traveler and accomplished photographer, who loves exploring the vast reaches of Mongolia, America and beyond, a journey you can follow on Instagram @photosbyzaya.

Jonathan Khoury

Jonathan Khoury

Vice President and Co-Founder

Jonathan has spent the past two decades exploring the cultures of Asia and sharing them with the world. Known by travelers for his expert knowledge of all aspects of Mongolian society, Jonathan delights in sharing his passion with visitors. He is committed to harnessing business investment to further Mongolia’s sustainable development, and has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. Jonathan holds a B.A. from Yale University, served in the Peace Corps in a remote village of Mongolia, lived in Beijing, and has traveled extensively throughout the far reaches of Mongolia. Fluent in Mongolian and English, Jonathan lives parts of the year in both his native Cleveland and his adopted Mongolia.

B. Tsolmon

B. Tsolmon

Mongolian Office Director

Tsolmon handles reservations, contracting, ticketing, scheduling and other in-country logistics. She has enjoyed a distinguished career as a purse designer and is one of Mongolia's most talented leather artists, bringing a contemporary sensibility to Mongolia's historic tradition of leather craftsmanship. Tsolmon has traveled widely throughout Mongolia, Russia and Eastern Europe and has lived in Prague. She is fluent in Mongolian, Russian and Czech.

Nyamtaivan, Tour Leader

Tour Leaders

Pictured: Nyamtaivan, one of our expert tour leaders, leading a trip near Mt. Hugnu Khan

Our experienced tour leaders guide Blue Silk Travel's tours. Tour leaders come from diverse walks of life: education, mining, etc., but all love to travel and share Mongolia with visitors. In addition to our dedicated tour leaders, Saranzaya and Jonathan also enjoy leading several tours each year.

Blue Silk Travel Drivers


Pictured: Several of our drivers at the Hongoryn Els Sand Dunes in the Gobi Desert

Our national network of drivers brings our travelers safely and comfortably to where they need to go. More than just chauffers, our drivers are skilled mechanics and experienced travelers who help develop safe and responsible routes over Mongolia's rough terrain.


Trek Support Staff

Pictured: Enkhee, the lead wrangler for our Altai Mountain treks, leading pack camels through Altai Tavan Bogd Strictly Protected Area

Our wranglers and chefs are corps team members on our adventure tours. On a multi-day horse trek, local knowledge and good horses are critical and our wranglers provide both. Our wranglers are also expert campers who serve as jacks of all trades at trek camp sites.From cooking wilderness meals on remote adventure treks to preparing picnic lunches for the Naadam Festival on one of our classic trips, our chefs provide delicious food in all circumstances.